Where is Meebo for the iPhone?!?

UPDATE FEB 15, 2010: It has landed, check out Meebo for iPhone!meebo-logo

Meebo was quick to release a webapp for the iPhone before native iPhone apps were allowed. Now that the App Store has been open for over a year, why is Meebo still a no show?

They demoed the app at the iPhone 3.0 presentation months ago (YouTube video embedded below), but have yet to release it. Meanwhile, apps like eBuddy and Nimbuzz are beating Meebo to the market with acceptable, but not great, free multi network IM applications that support push notifications.

I have been waiting over a year for this app. As a diehard user of Meebo on my PC and Mac, I really want to continue holding out for Meebo to finally release the Meebo iPhone app, but how long do they expect us to wait? At this point I am sure most iPhone users have dropped $5-$10 on an app like BeeJive or IM+ or are using the free ones like eBuddy. Either way, will there be anyone left when Meebo finally hits the App Store?

Seth Sternberg, Meebo’s CEO, said they were waiting for push notifications because they did not want to release a less than satisfactory app. Push notificaitons are here, so what is the hold up? My hope is that Meebo has recognized they are horribly late to the game and are putting in a big effort to include some innovative features that the competition are lacking.

If they don’t impress everyone when they finally release, I can’t see many people switching over to Meebo (unless they are already using Meebo on their computers like I do).

UPDATE: TheAppleBlog posted a review of a number of iPhone IM apps, although they left off my two favourites – Nimbuzz and eBuddy

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