What do people want to do with PlayBook? Watch TV

Looking at the Top Paid apps on BlackBerry App World makes it quite obvious what PlayBook owners want to do with their tablet: watch TV. There is not just one, not two, but three apps in the Top 25 Paid apps on App World for watching TV shows. These apps aren’t even very useful, they just aggregate links to the websites of TV networks that offer on-demand programming online.

I am not sure why people are buying these apps – but it certainly shows there is a lot of demand for TV on the PlayBook. Which makes a lot of sense given how great the PlayBook is for watching video:

  • Widescreen
  • High quality stereo speakers
  • HDMI connections for sending video/audio to an HDTV
  • Flash in the web browser for online streaming from Television Network’s websites and online-TV services
  • Light enough to be comfortable when holding it for the duration of a TV show or movie

Yet despite everything about the PlayBook being great for watching videos, we have yet to get apps from the broadcasters such as GlobalTV and CTV, or any streaming services such as Netflix.

I suspect the launch of a 3G/4G PlayBook tablet would be good incentive for Bell and Rogers to bring their Tablet TV offerings to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Hopefully once BlackBerry 10 arrives and a greater volume of users adopt the platform, it will persuade content providers to open up more to the PlayBook.

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