Knowledge is Power

Many people set New Years Resolutions with great intentions but typically poor follow through. We have all done it. January 1st we are determined to make big changes. January 2nd we are back on the couch eating the chocolate we got for Christmas.

This year I am using two great services to get on track with my goals.

1 – Fitbit

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Back in September I picked up a Fitbit – a tiny electronic gadget that you carry around with you to track your every move. Sounds creepy? It kind of is, but it is also very interesting. It can be very eye opening when you see how in-active you really are some days.

2 – Wave Personal


Last week I setup an account on Wave Personal – free financial software for individuals and small business. When you connect it to your financial accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and even PayPal) it automatically pulls the data from each source and aggregates it in an easy to track interface. Wave automatically categorizes each transaction and sets preliminary budgets for you based on your past spending. The key that makes it really useful is that it pulls everything together into a central place to help you better analyze it. The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your financial situation, including a Net Worth figure and calcuating by how much it has increased (or decreased) over the past 30 days.

Once I have a good idea of where I stand on these sort of things, I can then determine how to make changes for the better. And finally be able to say I’ve stuck to my resolutions. This sort automated tracking and data aggregration is extremely helpful and something that is going to become even more useful as it gets easier.

Definitely an interesting area in technology these days.

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