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Intel’s smartphone testing robots

Businessweek’s latest issue has an interesting sidebar about Intel’s use of robots to test smartphones. Lenovo’s K900 smartphone is one device that has undergone Intel’s robotic user experience testing. MIT Technology Review had an article on this recently and features … Continue reading

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Why BlackBerry 10 is Exciting

I have written a lot about BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet on this blog. Without a doubt I became a fan since leaving the iPhone/iPad world for a BlackBerry in early 2011. My time with BlackBerry has been full of great events including … Continue reading

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What do people want to do with PlayBook? Watch TV

Looking at the Top Paid apps on BlackBerry App World makes it quite obvious what PlayBook owners want to do with their tablet: watch TV. There is not just one, not two, but three apps in the Top 25 Paid … Continue reading

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When is a Smartphone OS not a Smartphone OS? For RIM, now.

I just read a great post by Steven Troughton-Smith on it being short-sighted to see the current smartphone operating systems as just that: “If you’re thinking purely in terms of ‘smartphones’ whenever you think of iOS, Android and Windows Phone, … Continue reading

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OAuth with Cascades for BlackBerry 10 connected apps; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare

Continuing my posts on sessions at the BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference, here is one I am looking forward to: COM114 – “Building Connected Apps with Cascades”. This session goes over how to build BlackBerry 10 apps in Cascades that connect … Continue reading

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Automotive Market opportunities for Apps

A major part of the BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference is the breakout sessions and labs presented by RIM and other developers on a wide range of BlackBerry development topics. The big focus is of course BlackBerry 10 and the Cascades … Continue reading

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Going to the BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference!

My last blog post mentioned a contest I entered to win a trip to the BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference in Orlando this May. This weekend I got an interesting email, the subject line read: “Attending BlackBerry Jam? You will if … Continue reading

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Financial Post’s Bloomberg headline on RIM

The Financial Post regularly republishes Bloomberg news articles on their website. For some reason they deem it necessary to change the headline. In this case, where Bloomberg has a positive story about RIM with a positive headline, Financial Post finds … Continue reading

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Canadian Business Magazine: Digital Freedom? Not quite…

Here is a funny ad from Canadian Business offering “Digital Freedom” How is it “digital freedom” if I can only get the digital version of my Canadian Business Magazine subscription on an iPad? Where’s the version for my BlackBerry PlayBook … Continue reading

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Many Notes for BlackBerry PlayBook now available on App World

My new PlayBook app has just been released on BlackBerry App World. Introducing Many Notes, a fun and powerful note pad application. Check it out on App World here: App Description Many Notes is the fun, flexible, and powerful … Continue reading

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