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What do people want to do with PlayBook? Watch TV

Looking at the Top Paid apps on BlackBerry App World makes it quite obvious what PlayBook owners want to do with their tablet: watch TV. There is not just one, not two, but three apps in the Top 25 Paid … Continue reading

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3D Printer that Prints Chocolate

A university researcher has created a 3D printer that prints chocolate (BBC story). After helping launch and promote Autodesk’s new¬†3D design app 123D I have become fascinated by the possibilities of 3D printing. This is a great idea and with … Continue reading

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Teaser of Zinio for BlackBerry PlayBook

UPDATE January 15, 2012: RIM and Zinio have finally previewed the BlackBerry PlayBook version of Zinio at CES 2012. It has not hit App World yet so it may be held back to release with the PlayBook OS 2.0 update, … Continue reading

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Things iTunes Could Learn from 7digital

Years ago, as legal digital downloads of music were growing in popularity, I vowed I would never buy digital content and would stick to CDs. iTunes on the iPhone changed that, given how easy it was to buy songs on-the-go … Continue reading

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What happened to the movie Middle Men?

About eight months ago my brother sent me the trailer for a movie that looked great, Middle Men. Starring Luke Wilson and James Caan, it was the story of an internet tycoon involved in payment processing and the porn industry. … Continue reading

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Proof I Am Not An Artist

Despite the fact I lack any artistic ability, as proven in Grade 1 where the teacher reprimanded me for drawing the same picture every day (“It’s the only thing I know how to draw!” argued the six year-old Will), I … Continue reading

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Teaching Economics with Seinfeld

Stumbled upon a great website thanks to an article in BusinessWeek, The Economics of Seinfeld – using the plot lines of Seinfeld episodes to explain basic economics concepts. What does that mean? Here are some examples from the BusinessWeek article … Continue reading

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Short Film: Baggage by Derek Robertson

A short film by my brother Derek Robertson that we filmed over 3 years ago. Found it on YouTube and thought I’d post it here. Check it out at or have a look below:

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Chapters gift card e-irony

Recently it became possible to use Chapters Gift Cards for buying eBooks from Kobo. This came with a funny limitation though: Chapters’ Electronic Gift Cards can’t buy electronic books only physical cards, quite ironic. Either way though, its great for … Continue reading

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Student Papers Need to be Online

Since I have been a student at the University of Ottawa, The Fulcrum – the university’s English language newspaper – has been the place that I turn to get the latest news about what is happening on campus. While working … Continue reading

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