BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference sessions hint at BB10 UI, App Integration, App Embedding

The BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference is coming up at the beginning of May and a some of the sessions arenow listed online. The descriptions of the sessions reveal some exciting features that will be coming in theBlackBerry 10 operating system.

DEV105 – “New UI Components for BlackBerry 10”
This session indicates we should expect a user interface quite different to both the PlayBook and current BlackBerry 7 devices. The interface of the PlayBook was a big departure from the typical BlackBerry interface and the majority of it was not even designed by TAT. BlackBerry 10’s interface is said to “combine the visual and interaction design skills of TAT with the smartness and and efficiency of classic BlackBerry UI”.

DEV117 – “BlackBerry 10 Flow and Invocation Framework”
One of BlackBerry’s strengths has always been tight integration between apps. Unfortunately RIM did not have time to enable this level of integration on the PlayBook when it launched, but has introduced it partially with the 2.0 PIM apps. BlackBerry 10 will take this to the next level with the “Invocation Framework” and a feature called ForeignWindow.

“The Invocation Framework in the BlackBerry® 10 platform is designed to allow one app to integrate with another, while also keeping the flow absolutely seamless and natural to the user. See how you can invoke an app with your content and carry out an action while also including an embeddable view of another app inside yours”

This ForeignWindow feature will allow apps to embed parts of other apps within them, to enable integration without ever switching apps. The framework will also take advantage of BlackBerry’s multitasking strength for switching seamlessly between apps while performing tasks or sharing content. This “BlackBerry 10 Flow” is going to be a feature that will really showcase the power on the QNX operating system and the BlackBerry Platform.

DEV129 – “How We Built BBM Using the BlackBerry 10 platform and Cascades”
Obviously BBM will be coming to BlackBerry 10, but this sessions confirms this and even goes into how the BBM team at RIM Built it for the new platform.

This is just a few of the sessions that RIM has in store for BlackBerry 10 Jam. I personally can’t wait to see what else they have in store, and how the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices work.

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  • Eric at Ebscer

    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed DEV129. Surprised that hasn’t gotten picked up on the blogs yet…

    • Will Robertson

      Ya, the blogs have been strangely quiet lately.