Adobe Flash Builder Burrito Free for Students

To develop an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook using Adobe Air you will need a copy of Adobe Flash Builder 4 or the newer Adobe Flash Builder Burrito. You can get a free trial from Adobe, however that trial expires after 60 days. But I discovered that if you are a student, you can apply for a free serial number to unlock Flash Builder after the trial expires. Here is how:

  1. Download Adobe Flash Builder Burrito Trial
  2. Submit an application to the Free Adobe Flash Platform Technologies program, which offers the software free to students and faculty, as well as developers who are unemployed due to economic hardships –

My trial expired before I was able to finish my PlayBook application, which was when I found out about this program. It took a little less than two weeks for my application to be approved, and now I am back in business with Flash Builder Burrito and the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK. Hopefully I can get my application finished and approved on AppWorld before the March 15th deadline for the Free PlayBook offer!

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